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Getting to Know Me: Fun and Quirky Facts

Hey everyone! 🌟

Yulia Kuzubova and her friends stand atop a volcano, surrounded by stunning mountain vistas. Smiles on their faces capture the joy of adventure and camaraderie against a breathtaking natural backdrop.

I recently took a delightful break from the digital world to celebrate my birthday and soak up some real-life adventures.

Now that I'm back, I figured it's the perfect time to share a few intriguing tidbits about myself.

So, grab your cup of tea and settle in for some fun random facts that might just surprise you!

Dreamy Beginnings

As a kid, drifting into dreamland wasn't always as simple as shutting my eyes. I'd dive into intricate imaginary worlds, with one recurring fantasy stealing the show – a secret life in a hidden pirate bay. Ahoy, matey! 🏴‍☠️

Yulia sits serenely on a cliff overlooking the vast expanse of the ocean. The tranquil scene portrays contemplation and connection with nature, as the waves gently kiss the shoreline in the distance

Life in Progress

I'm a proud parent of two adorable kids. Just last month, my oldest daughter stepped into the exciting world of school. Time flies by in a blink, and watching them grow is a heartwarming mix of awe and nostalgia.

Languages and Wanderlust

Call me a languages geek! 🗣️

Pursuing linguistic passion, I earned a BA in English and Spanish linguistics. I've dabbled in the likes of German and Italian, and my tryst with Indonesian took shape during my ventures in Indonesia.

Now, inspired by my daughter's new language journey, I'm diving into Japanese – Konnichiwa to learning!

Wanderlust Chronicles

Travel is my ultimate muse. Exploring over 15 countries across Europe and Asia, I've had my fair share of breathtaking moments.

But let me share a couple of crazy tales – a road trip extravaganza from home to Spain and back, weaving through the beauty of Europe. And then, a truly epic six-month hitchhiking escapade in the enchanting lands of South-East Asia.

Unconventional Style

While tattoos haven't made their mark on me, I did have a phase of donning dreadlocks for two whole years.

Why, you ask? Well, life on the go, exploring distant lands, made hair care a tad complicated. So, why not embrace the wild side with those cool dreadlocks?

Yulia, with her distinctive dreadlock hair, sits at the back of a pick-up truck while hitchhiking. Her adventurous spirit shines through as she embarks on a journey, embracing the open road

So there you have it – a glimpse into the adventurous, quirky, and dream-driven world of yours truly.

Life's a canvas, and every experience adds its own vibrant stroke.

Yulia is embraced by her husband along the tranquil shores of Thailand's bay. Boats and fishing nets in the background capture the coastal atmosphere, while the couple's affectionate moment reflects love and togetherness against the picturesque backdrop

Thanks for joining me, and I can't wait to see you around for more tales and fun facts! ✨🌏🎉


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