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Licensing FAQ

Have you read Licensing Terms and 

Licensing Process articles and still have questions unanswered?


I've collected some questions I get most often below.

What is licensing?

Licensing means an artist grants a company an exclusive or non-exclusive right to use an artwork or an artwork collection for a specific purpose.

In simple words, if you are an art director, a buyer, or a small business owner, you might need artwork for your product, package design, brand identity, etc.

The most significant advantage of licensing for you is that you already know what you finally get and will not have to wait for me to create the artwork you need.

You will find tons of ready-to-use designs created by Yulia Kuzuvbova and available for licensing in the Pattern Shop.

How can I license a design I haven't found on the Pattern Shop?

I try my best to keep the Pattern Shop up-to-date. I upload my new collections and remove designs or licensing options that are no longer available.


But if I still haven't added a design or colorway you've spotted on my Social Media, just text me that you need it at the shop, and I will add it for you.

How can I get your portfolio updates before you upload it to the Pattern Shop?

If you'd like to be the first to see my portfolio updates, subscribe to my newsletter.

I will send you my new collections in my monthly newsletter.

Also, I have a password-protected licensing portfolio page on my website that I update before adding new designs to the Pattern Shop.

Contact me to get the link and the password.

What if I cannot find the licensing option I need in the Pattern Shop?

I tried to make licensing options in the Pattern Shop flexible, yet simple.

Though I understand your company might need some other option.

If your company has its Licensing Contract with any specific terms that are important to include in my Standard Licensing Agreement, or if you only work with your Licensing Contract, let me know.

I will do my best to adjust the Agreement for your needs.

Pattern Shop licensing options are FLAT-FEE-based, which means a one-time payment that is paid upfront the contract is signed. It's the best option for a small business.


If your company works only with ROYALTY-based Licensing Contracts, drop me an email with your licensing inquiry (including license type, region, period, and industry) and design name or SKU.


For Royalty-based contracts, my workflow is normally following:

After the contract is signed, a company pays an advance, and after it pays quarterly 3-10% of the wholesale sales of the product minus advance.

Could you make some color or other changes to your pattern designs?

Sure, I can.
If you like my design, but need a different colorway for your project, I can do this changes. It will add 30$ to the license fee for an extra colorway.
For other changes you might need, I charge 30$ per hour.

What payment methods do you accept?

On the Pattern Shop, I accept PayPal payments.

For other contracts, I accept PayPal, Wise, Payoneer payments, and bank transfers.
We can always find the best payment option depending on the project details to minimize the bank fees.
Once the contract is signed, I will send you an invoice to be paid.


Please note, that all transaction fees are paid by the client.

Do you have more questions?
Ask me

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