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Exploring the Enchanting Moonlight Meadow Collection: A Behance Showcase

Moonlight Meadows Bedding Collection header with animated folk style floral elements

I'm excited to share my latest project, the Moonlight Meadow Collection, now live on Behance!

Step into the ethereal realm of the Moonlight Meadow Collection, where the sublime beauty of the night takes center stage.

In this enchanting series, I've embraced a bold and loose artistic style to create three captivating floral designs that come alive under the celestial glow. Each design in the Moonlight Meadow Collection is not just a pattern but a brushstroke on the canvas of a serene lunar garden.

These creations invite you to embrace the magic that unfolds when nature meets the moonlight, turning ordinary surfaces into extraordinary works of art.

Folded fabrics featuring Moonlight Meadow floral surface pattern collection
Celestial Meadow Bloom pattern headline with a flat floral spot illustration

Embrace the magic of the Celestial Meadow Bloom, a hero pattern that reveals the secret life of a moonlit spring meadow.

Against the backdrop of the night sky, a mesmerizing array of flowers unfolds, their colors and shapes illuminated by the gentle touch of moonlight.

This design is a visual symphony, celebrating the beauty that blooms under the cover of darkness.

a blue and orange floral hero pattern on a dark blue background hand-drawn in procreate
Lunar Waltz pattern headline with a flat floral spot illustration

Join the midnight revelry with Lunar Waltz, a lively and carefree tossed coordinate pattern. Here, the whimsical dance of folk-style florals takes center stage, inviting you to join the joyful and rhythmic composition.

Let petals and leaves become graceful dancers beneath the moon's watchful gaze.

an orange, peach and dark blue folk style playful tossed floral pattern on a blue background
Moonlit Dream pattern headline with a flat floral spot illustration

Step into a world of tranquility with Moonlit Dreams, where striped patterns of stems and leaves evoke the poetic touch of the moon's glow.

Loose and dreamlike, this design casts a spell upon the floral elements, beckoning you into a world where imagination and reality entwine.

a blender striped pattern with blue floral motifs on an peach background

Curious about how these enchanting patterns look in action?

Head over to Behance to see the full collection beautifully showcased in a stunning bedding set.

Yulia Kuzubova Design Pattern Shop headline with a flat floral spot illustration

If you're looking to incorporate the Moonlight Meadow surface pattern collection into your own projects, I welcome you to visit my Pattern Shop.

There, you'll find a range of licensing options, whether you wish to license the entire collection or select individual patterns. The licensing process is user-friendly and adaptable to your needs. Simply browse the designs, choose your preferred licensing options, and receive an instant pricing quote.

I appreciate your interest and look forward to seeing how you transform my patterns into your unique creations.

Thank you animation featuring a symmetrical floral spot illustration


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