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Monlight Meadow Collection


The final piece in this nocturnal masterpiece is "Moonlit Dreams," a striped pattern of stems and leaves. The loose style adds a poetic touch, as if the moon's glow is casting a spell upon the floral elements.


It's a pattern that beckons you into a world where imagination and reality entwine, creating a tapestry of tranquility.


  • layered seamless psd pattern
  • 3 colorways.


Read DELIVERBLES and LICENSING INFO for more details

Moonlit Dream YKD_2024000203

ЦенаОт 75,00$
  • 1. Non-exclusive License

    • JPEG 3600x3600 px, 300 dpi, RGB;

    2. Exclusive License

    • LAYERED PSD 3600x3600px, 300 dpi, sRGB,
    • JPEG 3600x3600 px, 300 dpi, sRGB;

    3. Buyout

    • LAYERED PSD 3600x3600px, 300 dpi, sRGB,
    • JPEG 3600x3600 px, 300 dpi, sRGB

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